Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Payable & Supplier Relations
What are the standard supplier pay terms?

BCE-Mach LLC’s standard payment terms are net 60 days from receipt of invoice. For further inquiries, please email or call 405-252-8197.

How can I submit my invoices?

BCE-Mach LLC offers several ways to submit your invoices.

  • BCE-Mach LLC prefers to receive invoices through electronic invoicing (EI).
  • If you choose to email your invoices to our Accounts Payable Department, send them to
  • If you choose to mail your invoices (the slowest method) to BCE-Mach LLC Accounts Payable, please mail them to the address below:

ATTN: Accounts Payable
PO Box 20684
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

What are the standard invoicing requirements?
  • One invoice per job
  • If not submitting electronically by electronic invoicing (EI) or through email, please mail invoices to centralized P.O. Box, do not deliver to a field office
  • BCE-Mach will not be obligated to pay if the invoice is not received within 12 months of the date of work
  • Where applicable, include a signed field ticket with each invoice
What information is required for each invoice?
  • Complete invoice with all necessary backup (signed field tickets, bid award sheets, bill of lading)
  • Invoice number and invoice date
  • Remittance address
  • Service date
  • Complete description of work done, or product purchased
  • Complete well name or number, rig or property location, or gathering location if applicable
  • Field signatures are required; the approver may choose not to electronically approve the invoice if the field ticket is not signed
  • Project name or AFE number where appropriate
  • All invoices will be routed for electronic approval in our system
  • Consult your field representative to verify billing requirements, as these may differ depending on the charges
What invoice formats does BCE-Mach LLC accept?

If you are mailing a paper bill or emailing your invoices, using the following invoice formats will help avoid delays and expedite payment:

  • Invoice should be printed on letter-sized white paper with black font; colored paper or font is discouraged
  • Use one standard-sized staple per invoice to secure all documents
  • Standard-weight paper is best; avoid overly thick or thin paper stock
  • Elaborate logos or watermarks will likely not be picked up by our scanners; do not rely on these items to convey valuable information such as company name or remittance address
  • Minimize the number of times an invoice is folded
  • Original invoices are preferred; copies or faxed copies are more difficult to read
  • Do not use highlighters on invoices; they scan very dark and make the text unreadable
  • Do not attach Post-It or other removable notes, they will be removed prior to scanning
  • Avoid printing barcodes on your invoices

We can convert almost any document into an image. These suggestions are intended to make your invoice submission process as fast and efficient as possible.

What are the requirements for Electronic Invoicing (EI)?
  • Complete all required fields for invoice generation
  • Field tickets and signatures should be included, if applicable
  • It is preferred that field tickets be attached to the invoices upon submission; if BCE-Mach is required to index field tickets to invoices, additional fees may apply
  • Once your company has gone live with EI invoices, any physical invoices received and dated after the “go live” date will be returned for EI processing
  • Invoices dated prior to “go live” date should be sent to
  • If you have invoices that need to be resubmitted please email or call 405-252-8197 for instructions on resubmitting procedures; original invoices and invoice numbers should not be altered, and resubmitted invoices through Oildex will not be paid
  • To participate in Electronic Invoicing, please email to initiate the enrollment and onboarding process.
Is every supplier required to provide a W-9?

Yes, every supplier will need to provide a signed, completed W-9 form. Foreign suppliers may be required to submit alternate forms.

Is every supplier required to have an MSA on file?

All suppliers who enter a BCE-Mach property must have a Master Service Agreement on file. Completed form and supporting documents can be emailed to or mailed to:

ATTN: Accounts Payable
PO Box 20684
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

Does BCE-Mach LLC offer direct deposit for supplier invoice payments?

Yes, you may electronically submit or download the EFT enrollment form for Accounts Payable located in the forms section.

  • Fill it out completely and sign and date the form
  • Include a voided check copy for the account you wish to have funds deposited into
  • Scan completed form to or mail it to:

Attn: Division Orders
PO BOX 20546
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

How often are supplier invoices paid?

BCE-Mach LLC will process Accounts Payable department check runs once each week on Wednesday. In the event of a holiday on the assigned check run day, the check run will be moved to the next available business day in order to always accommodate a check run each week.

What should I do if I do not receive my A/P check?

If you have not received a check within 10 business days following the date of the check, please contact the or call 405-252-8197. You may also sign up for Direct Deposit (EFT) to eliminate these kinds of delays.

Can a check 90 days or older be cashed?

As indicated on the check, all checks are stale after 90 days. Please contact or call 405-252-8197, to request reissue of a stale dated check.

What should I do if I have questions regarding my A/P check detail?

Please contact or call 405-252-8197.